House Rules

Session Limits: All game features that are typically limited by session (e.g. Plot Points, some Traits) will instead be limited by Chapter. Chapter boundaries will be placed at the discretion of the GM but will roughly correspond to the accomplishment of adventure tasks.

Spending Plot Points: The dice used for any action initiated by the player may be adjusted by Plot Points as normal. The number of Plot Points spent must be included in parentheses with the description of the action being taken. Reactive actions initiated by the GM cannot be altered in this way, though Plot Points may still be spent to alter the result as normal.

Defense: The GM will determine whether block or dodge is used based on the nature of the attack and the defending character’s skills. If the character runs out of defensive actions due to sufficient die step penalties, any additional attacks will either be opposed by Innate Defense or be against an Easy target. The player should make the GM aware of which of these options he prefers under which circumstances. The GM will always default to Innate Defense.

These house rules are subject to change or addition at any time.

House Rules

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